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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You Say Down

Tree Shmoo

black eye birds the sun sizzles, the tree helps
received the sound which is easy to be broken
in order to put the entanglement on the stand

the spring syndrome of the white-out baby
the sourish telescope and she is someone
she resets her dragon rocket

everyday with u, the old outer space
sea dragon helps the furniture function
solving the rain for the rectanlge

which wethers the technology of breath
the eye where my eye, the weather of
the bayonet is slow and is not possible

shmoo of the tree for oklahoma
where stars belong and in the club
of her eye which has the small gloss

where song is accomplishing cow of the tree
exotic ironic syndrome, eye of the bird
which makes the canned goods

tremble the diana, the eye eye desired
pulling land word which is swung
makes disabled god, the wife who why agrees

black eye fizz structure, sunday will help make u
accept their sound easily, decency breath
eye my eye, it is not possible

shmoo technology, the wife agreed
the black tree boings sunday, whistle of eye
the complete baby a symptom of spring

my california is never handing over its rocket earth day
make our bird the influence of light
make the old normal outer space regulated

the linguistic tree, the taxi survives
the rectangle belongs in oklahoma
its not a very common eye symptom

the part of god which is durable, the wife was appropriate
sunday's structure went boing, it whistles from the eye
it squirts to revolutionize, the rain is over the eye of breath

who is the taxi, it is not possible to survive
the technology of shmoo concerns the square
part of god, the woman was attached

black tree, hiss eye, form our bird, form here
a surface of 50 solutions, gush out and rain
on the behavior of the breath, bird of irony

box of song, tree of this, everyday u are never mine
the breathing eye is my personal eye, rectangle song
first paper eye not very common

donna kuhn 2006

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