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Sunday, July 02, 2006



paper feet shout, they dont even have a playbill
your hands beg your pardon
i am a rose garden

one red internal dog of apprehension

the foot is a paperclip
my paperclip dog tomorrow

i dont like spasm of dog dog

the paperclip is red
that i never promised u
girl, go home
im an inner dog
pitter pat

wild dog, this does not halt jerusalem

yo, tragedy

yo, one year old world

dog the hot girl
her tears land decisions

my tragedy was allowed to pitter
my father appreciates me
paperclip of the world
garden him

u survive, touch youre running down

youre running out
when the world is tied
crying land

youre running running girl
this is the garden of the internal dog

the tragic dog's yo material is red
the paperclip cried youre flowing
the dance is shaking

let me be myself
if your hands pitter
responsibility and tragedy

there's a paperclip, give me

scream paperclip faucet

donna kuhn 2006

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