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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sharpen Moons for Me


the afternoon rains and i do not run
im a correspondent and taiwan is
a tragedy and an evening
i am from taiwan and i am history
im a freelancer demon and i wear
your fiction, u are a memory
of small rain and im an evening
it was for u, taiwan was for the history
which is the quick crow, im the nerve
for u and taiwan was the way
the prom was my correspondent
in the nervous rain, so unprocessed
it is pulling me, the memory which
makes me walk, i was not the shirt
of tragedy, im a small history and
crow is the word for the governor
im unspiritual, run me the taiwan way
im an office for taiwan which is the trip
of the crow, i was alert, i warned the demon
whose fiction of the rain is u, small taiwan
where i pass, the evening we should be
im history with the fiction and i confess

i run and i report, im taiwan tragedy at night
the afternoon rain is in me, im a historic record
it is light rain, the fast crow is, it looks like u rain
take the memory, im novel, im a morning person
the morning removes me, the early warning was
warned, taiwan is u, my tense rain is very unfinished
it pulls and it is attached and it has spoken plausibly
and at length, bodily taiwan was me, im an office for
taiwan, the crow is on a traveling schedule, be forewarned
yes, it removes the crow, this i confessed

im taiwan with the rain of the afternoon at night
i rise to taiwan, the morning withdraws for me
im the nerve withu, taiwan; taiwan was me and
was not a hellion; taiwan was a censor, yes

donna kuhn

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