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Saturday, July 15, 2006

You Cannot Hold Me Down


she leaves, she moves the eye of your eye
45 cow tongues cant move u
he elects u to the usa

the milky inner way is almost fire

the enormous lord places u simply in your purple hands
he breathes cow noodles

how these crows have duck

odd dog thorn, milky number, no hand
a chair in his hand
white rose of fire not that morning

the dog puts a strange white dog where it dreams
hide or walk with your eyes

the library is embarrassed
she moves your cloud very fast

put your heart in a bird

u are perplexed the day she took the clock

i cant move the dog

milk a staircase
move your noodle toe

think of your investment forest

39 mornings without u

the president is a strange dog

donna kuhn 2006

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