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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Extra Parking


flirt in baby heads, i want to feel my airliner
the people go
u are people
i am like u

baby must be limited
i like warmth

the child is believed to be a pilot
the child, he is morning
my time
hey baby

it's not that it was siamese
know the morning is hands
i am probably this baby
in order to really love
u are talking to be snippy
u are him
oh smoke

u want me warm
will u brother
u are your answers
suitcases walk for a child
whose head likes comforting the babies
i like the odd child
because this is a baby
two wives are probably in baby feel
you're in the opposite baby hands and u ran out without

he is a snippy answer, not a wristwatch
the river is answering
the answers are in my suitcase
u have the real baby
not washroom to wash and safeguard u
the morning, the pilot, the morning is u
siamese and restricted

i looked like this

baby, be careful
the flight pilots are broken and walking
the morning with the hand is going
not the morning pool

your odd numbers say how my child

the morning basin does still not know
the ceiling has the excessive child
your head is like an eye baby
the baby is relieved

the baby is interrupted halting over a child
relieve the baby

he is broken
to research the eye morning because

donna kuhn 2006

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