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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Worm Candle


the bird, its u next door
u think the garbage loves to be garbage

import each child the month of red red pepper
around glass, attach the hysterical baby

throw down your agricultural product
an agricultural glass tyrant does see this
who loves u in your sleep
admit u sleep with my jewel
by the foot control, tyrant his
and one locks up

god felt that bird of traffic is

the lowest bird
god felt each gate
my eyes are gone

tyrant of the business bird data
which is not liquid and likes to photocopy
love being the baby, this jumping
compare my mercedes in the story of god's work

next door to the center for loving u
the center of research at the research terminal
the place is contaminated

i will be strange
i sleep with my foot
i do not have the plan
the disowned ones are very well
it's at the gate, my agricultural product
it's me, u sleep simultaneously
the gameshow is cruelty, pepper jewels
history is the bird
the eye glass in me
next door the glass is very good
in my breath with the following
you're each fruit
red red pepper that possesses my foot
with this cruelty, i do not have your eye

jumping foot
you're the bird
red green the bottom of sleep
the door doesn't work
the door is inadequacy of glass
without a mouth
mouth the tyrant of mine
u sleep partially
you're hysterical history is a gameshow of liquid eyes

throw in this this that
this is not the glass gate
u are a bedroom that accepts your dance
without the woman

leaving, u do not sleep
u dance to believe u have glass feet
the totem is as bad as me
my house of

possess the foot of a bird
it's breath is a door with me
it does not see the traffic i do not have

throw in the feet
totem red bird with each glass is me

tyrant likes bird red at the gameshow gate

this loving is partially
u dance for the plan
the disowned ones sleep

leaving your lowest green bird
god has the data
which does not accept my gameshow house
of garbage, of cruelty, pepper my history glass
red pepper down bird, u are that
this place is eyes

the center for jumping compares my fruit
sleep felt the dance without this
jumping foot loves the door
the bedroom where eyes sleep

donna kuhn 2006

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