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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For A Train


igloo born church
i'm cross-eyed
u make me wander in the nite
4 times awake at nite
the road is awake with purity

the church is oatmeal
u are indifferent
ice is for the snow
of the last sleep

white psychology pavement

traitorous mind church feeling things
drink the oatmeal
the church fights me

anything acts really nonchalant
the hump of time
melted reverse psychology
people are that kind of curve

u are sexy when the snow goes
my church rolls u awake
u are the year
u shorten the nite

isn't the road a sexy girl
snow chairs u insist on bending
feed the ducks in blue ozone
use a little torture
wash the snow
that drank the marble
that attacks the chair

u separated cowardly
the lawn changes

so no goal is dry behind this
and thus ices a girl's snow
u are probably delighted
or u dissolve
use the church for me
snow removes u
the snow was light
the oatmeal kibbled nonchalantly
the center for the duck

the church is in the sand with science
on your personal delicious day
u wake unreasonably
therefore why go drying
u look born
beans and blocks of worship
salty science
strike three

sally's city is a girl with a full time word
sally removes the eye from your vitamin
your tide is lowering and swings
snow tastes like a girl of raspberry rank
bury a duck
all the time the girl, u are delicious
bury the pavement
science is very powerful
it does hurt
anything for u in the chair night

he has me cross-eyed air conditioned awake
all the time the ozone pulls the king

donna kuhn 2006

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