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Friday, September 08, 2006

With U/Without U (altered book)


because of u bacon gives birth

google bought the man a very new earth

u talk like a door, the insipid taste of skipping
saturday eleanor's face condenses
doors of hormones were your savvy breakfast

car crash croutons
coffee tastes impatient
bacon tweezes the birthday cake
cake tastes like african traffic

autumn meets u, u should know
these planes felt like u
im an airplane
im bacon
i run

africa flies like any airplane

u are the history of google

birthday cake condensation

i test u, go

u should know these planes felt for u

breakfast is well versed
we squeeze the strange rain
u should know i feel for u

the cake loves the airplane
im an abbreviation

i love to sell my croutons

donna kuhn 2006

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