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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Economic Hands

(painting by Jeff Cromwell)

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hotels for xmas

getting to know the hitlers
skip the kid's swim lessons
in a rainbow colored station wagon
that smells like a real car

i don't want to say anything to him in front of other people

skip the intro

hey, perky one; did u see my mezuzzah?

someone who does look like u

hi matrix,

i was only thinking i would build a fortress around your poems

as far in the soul your head felt like flying

u know a mood bird lately can laugh
your hotel's feet saw pollock's art

how far you'd row in boxes to skip navigation
skip me, summer blockbusters, lessons

i get a witness, tell me how, 96
i love how people come to me
with your fortress

hey perky one, paint things

i don't want your painting
i done all happy perky women's shoes
solve a mystery, jeff

be perverted or run away

a woman moves because a woman moves
jehovah's joke, this word is but a yiddish tune
this work smells like u accept their offer

guides are optional

a physical dancers silence, i'm not, i am unconscious

chuck me push-ups
serious economic hands
rolling around your eyes

don't u want yourself
u are that symbolism

you dear dee,

the last ones brought
controversial skipping in
like i will take
so i am so awake
up u if u

donna and mean line shadows

brain inspiration door, i always birth that box
and generate three stories, not to leave them
around the house, i hear he cares, i get groceries
for this

u can just click on the singers, deep
comment on my trees in intent
on my flames so between
the climates

i know hitler skips now when i am feeling so often
aliens and dinosaurs, the curve i (like a dinosaur)
i have never seen the eyes

a city forgets earrings

god is upset with u
i don't miss this

sounds like my whole not that

witnesses are dyed blondes in the mirror here

a religious colored station wagon

i smile from your stupid place, jack
without thinking the web is free
of hearing

poets who must be u
where u were hebrew

u don't drive my scratch anymore
hobbits cross mountains
color the french

bluebirds laundry i witness

msg has aliens in the light

ambition and discipline, some mirror

grammar, hot pink numb speech

for xmas i am getting my laundry toes

it's over

i think u would expect that i would drop
your parts of men, do something;
go twist my mezuzzah

donna kuhn  2008

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