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Monday, December 01, 2008

Always Sleep When Your Worlds Are Locked

tell me why you're back, a frozen wiki sky
a dangerous sky, never a reason

my soul's head falls off

interfering with prayer, mother
i go, i get around, i get what i want
i go in style

ok sky, the night was a baby
the night was emo, love is emo
your moustache is emo
the hypoglycemic bridge is emo
manhattan is emo

my young painful budget knows it

u can eat your pet and love the i don't feel baby

always sleep when your worlds are locked
always sleep when u get arrested

i am calm at the hypoglycemic social

love is emo at the wedding dance
matter matter u have a mustache

i am back with songs of manhattan
ok sky, your songs are dangerous
and they want their mother

love songs are emo
mamaw is emo
montana is emo
blankets are emo
fear is emo
reasons are emo
my stolen car is emo
your pet is emo
a cookie is emo
a slow dance is emo
darling, you're emo
a prayer is emo
the military is emo
poetry is emo
the sky is falling and it's emo
all songs are emo
going fishing is emo
chemicals are emo
mean people are emo
evil is emo
cool is emo
time is emo
states of mind are emo
the kiss of death is emo
emo is a bunch of crap
emo is back
your future is emo
emo doesnt' happen overnight
bullshit is emo
breaking hearts is emo
your feelings are emo
radio is emo
emo is starting to die
conor oberst is emo
if conor oberst is emo i am emo
u are emo, we're all emo
emo is responsible for maintaining the manitoba emergency plan
capitol hill is emo
don't be afraid of emo
the christian mainstream is emo
youth groups are emo
rainy rivers are emo
vigorous resort communites are emo
pet rocks are emo
emo is the best, forget the rest
emo is thankless
emo is the word on everybody's lips
emo is for wankers
u can get an emu account at emo corp
emo is jimmy, eat the world

donna kuhn 2008

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