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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

don't push your lyrics

koko is old and she imagines a town
that doesn't lie so don't push your lyrics
don't your lyrics remember

she says conjecture and pepsi is pepsi right up
pepsi likes to say rain taxi, the bobcat still deals
with the rain

come sleep in my internment bed
the cat is carved at 3:00

my mobile phone is bad
my bad oboe fell to pieces
like a kite and was sent to
the principal of your skin
and hair

this is the cap of sunlight

paint the baby, paint the empty baby

canned women without dreams tweak that
when your neck is full of miracles

the republic of baby speech; talk like u live here

my music scatters and the street sticks to your face

when u dont like the wind blowing on u, say mr brown mr brown

i promised many things that i don't understand
things like eslave is better, zesty zing and herbal
small talk

she'll camp at the river of oboe
exaggerated in the fig rain
where u have bad tattooes

speak paint to the baby of rough music
because u do not think it's 3:00

god is the history of baby here
leave at 3:00 with your loose flower
i'll miss your bad plastic burritos
tackle your toy tackle, your blonde
digest in my concentration camp

i do not want your want heart
ambiguous thunder in your
think baby

your 3d sheets expand, this private that
your apartment drools in the sun
your baby kite walks away
with your hat

donna kuhn 2008

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