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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

wolverines are low

fuckstick wolverines, u drum for me
photograph your needs in the compost
i talk to your electric bring me, bring bring

professional wolverines were as wide as a pumpkin head

try not stand near the dead

your trees dress at the media library

flower drum, elbows in orange pumpkin bits

wolverine silo

he smokes your human rights unsubstantiated at the wolverines center

get inside the and/or cats

wolverines will attack virtually anything

i'm not entirely clear
he cuts off his ear
he carves wolverines

wolverines are endangered

what makes this drum think

wolverines are not too fond of dogs

wolverines are wide open

they were crippled, they fell on their faces

if the answer to this

i don't like the drum; drum drum

he yells into your guitar ears, snow

a man in overalls, a woman too close
to the living or chant these ordinances

i drum for this, carves b scratched into her face

wolverines are real for me with angels, demons, elder gods like u

i need a drum, drum smoke

wolverines blow big leads
he carves and he carves
so special, wolverines
are low

u drum for me, u will know smoke

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