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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

your very burnished municipality

your execution, your love songs face my endangered

u maize and blue virtually anything
keep a missle close to your skull

the stroke of anything he hides when u open

i don't like your face

shut off all the noise with your cow hands
contemplate yourself contemplating it
your heart is inflammable noise

the salad would not commit

the beach looked linty like a large belly button

look at the love song which this is

your very burnished municipality
the stroke of u inside the song
treat it like an execution
your good intentions
your small advantages

260 problems will go

the beach looked like a scar

u gutless bastards, make noise

miss, the beach looked linty like a large is

go contemplate your fucking navel

contemplating one's own navel has the ring of a long

gaze at, spend too much time thinking about yourself

he's a man of action and navel-glazing

create your own listmania!

where does the bellybutton go?

a scar on the abdomen

your bellybutton goes where u go unless it is too cold

oranges go stunningly well with salads 
especially with some bitter leaves
navel or bellybutton? it doesn't really 
matter as long as u contemplate it

have conversations with your bellybutton
what is the best time of day to contemplate
your navel?

because u have a bellybutton:

a bellybutton is cool
a belly button is considered to be a portal to the soul
a bellybutton is formed by the umbiblical cord 
which jesus would still have
a bellybutton is an innie
a bellybutton is a portal to another universe
a bellybutton is an "inny"
a bellybutton is a very sweet little girl
a bellybutton is quite a deep innie with a deep 
narrow crack in the bottom created by the edge 
of the hole and the button being close together
a bellybutton is a memento of his or her birth
a bellybutton is shaped by tricky dick?
a bellybutton is a bit sensitive today
a bellybutton is the reason for the lapsed 
warranty on your brain? christ!
a bellybutton is always red
a bellybutton is my crystal ball
a bellybutton is so fine
a bellybutton is buried
a bellybutton is a submarine bone
a bellybutton is my crystal ball enterprises
a bellybutton is cuter than the old one

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