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Saturday, January 31, 2009

she is u parked across don't

u are an exercise ball. u are a really big blue ball.
christ is a mom who has charms. always back down.

away, baby baby. she is u parked across the don't.
the museum realizes it's really starting to cross me.

the baby is bald. christ is a mom who goes bald.
u buy me garbage and bald charms. the christian

exercise baby. come one, come all. christ goes bald.
she is very down the stairs for 15 years. your old girl-

friend is very down the mirror. i'm not helping her there.
she knows i have been and u begin to go bald. i know

my baby, she says i does. christ is over it. the collage
is all starting to go bald. my baby in this christian camera

can't see i'm holding her. there's an exercise ball.
throw it away. parked across from my life decades

later. the museum buys me. there is a collage without
the. the situation coos. the masks of the post office.

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