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Monday, February 02, 2009

can't get down from my now

love junkie, u are verbal torture
verbal word college, u are a word

verbal test, broken killah
broken glass, flying moan

repetitive word cant get down from my now

christ's charms always back down
can i verbal drip a mile and another

a strong her is very word

the wall has problems that cross me

loud sigh, this is torture
verbal drip drip drip

i can't find go

u like to go bald
i like the united nations

the nations are my killah statistics

pace mumble mouths
inscrutable pools

verbal stimulation
i can't help the

loud sigh, this is dull

the situation is down
the stairs, across from
my now

u are a camera that bells
and does not cross me

who goes bald at the post office
reality goes bald, buy me
garage butter

christ has charms, i can't get away

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