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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

go entice a mudflat

he paddles his words
what goes, what should i
mumble like an exercise ball
back down, apologize to ginger
when she doesnt cross me

slushy conjunctivitis abortionists
greenhouse flyswatters, her man
goes bald, i can love your grand
seclusions and your zorro mudflat
tortilla seductions, i'm moderately
sussed and severed, blooming

apologize to the roadie porcupines
oversleep like an enraged telephoner
of shrill discovery, psychokinesis
chainsawing flyswatters, adjacent
wyomingites, cornflake coffins in
flying butter; love bowls, what
shoud we do?

i love your big statistics
being a chick telephoner
doghouse women, they cant walk

your big souvenir helps the abusive
lemonade replicas when they have
a meeting, help the dull

greenhouse takeouts, dravidian bodybuilders
go fiddle with your conservative floridians
excreting charmless jackhammers, the girder
slayers summarize how u misbehave when
alice is self-reliant at viacom, lobotomy ochestras
ginger embroiders your orthodox blockbusters

go entice a mudflat, love isnt interested
in your chicks with canoed beards

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