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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

botox pandas

o your panda, i am a wide open german e-mail

a timid row of microscopic, so now microscopic

she is tired and true

i'm so godless and i say your expenditure is a new placenta

i can't stop thinking soon, i say this of its hiss

as i have german game show tornado juice

i say your sand, she's as harmless as a hiss

harass her homewrecker banana

o you know u are all i need so i nag your banana lung

your expenditure has chalk and stomps the sea

and it is not airbrushed!

i say the timid reason for wipple and some botox pandas

drinking your expenditure as chalk

i am to think of it, angelina jolie

is uncensored but non-toxic

i have claws that are toxic

i have claws that are not

a homewrecker and i say

u  need sand and all i need

is a teleconference

he's a wuss, he gurgles

and so i nag your spaz dune

on whipped sorrow

i write to the teleconference with her mouth

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u la una. yr poems scramble my mind like i need to be scrambled. merci.