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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

she's 42 bong subcrust currents

u smile like boob pipes

china's snow beer jumps, i feel your pain

i feel as many horses as we can face

 i dont smoke your loose boobs

i dream your pharmacy is a bore

do not feel my winding 

subcrust current

a lung sings and is moving moving

your mystery handed hours in 

my mind

please take off your face

she makes u lose your data

uparrow downarrow

come over and i'll give u all the 

chocolate boobs u ever 

dreamed of

and so its a pipe dream

wipe that smile off your face

black hand, white snow

this is not reflection of how i feel about my father

get that smirk off your face

take years off your face

your subcrust is flooding my elevator

it depends on dull me, it depends on opaque i

she has many boogies in 45 jung denim

she's 42 bong subcrust currents

i wiped a dream

off your face

45 jungle boobs hoped for a lung to sing

wipe that smirk off your mystery

i feel your boobs u ever dream 

your mystery handed hours 

in my mind sand

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