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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

every night, discreet shopping

go to beautiful and get off my back

you've been generous in flame

one could've been its own

elevator wives and i blame

your machines

and nightly car

write about me, i could

i shop there so be cautious

okay, thanks for tiring me

with your ignorance, i am

intrigued and my cats are


forward to 1992

one-on-one blame

the land o' you because of

the beats were not men

and i am a man

holy emasculation, bagdhad

and jesus even

and bitterness even

i'm too close to the subject

love, taxes, golf, a cat named elmo

it'll help calm their wives for two years

gunpowder is talented

twelve years ago i was an ageist


bitchin' hotsprings, i don't know

please help mellow me out and never come back

tennessee is deep down somewhere but i can't go

google me

help me, i am never returning

transform me into you

every night, discreet shopping

the separation of my face

bitterness loves to transform into a fast transaction

google i am

comparative degrees of belonging

holy real estate

peace is there, be woman of the year for me

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