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Monday, September 14, 2009

she answers herself

i am stirring u and i am the weather

ask the sky if it's a daughter i couldn't


i am here with my metro lyrics

she answers herself

it appears that she


thanks for making me feel

like the dawn is found

and i can't program u

someone who won't sauce the sun

someone whose sky is tomatoes

u cling to charming and gorgeous

u don't know what to do with me

the altitude is supple in her

bowl of knowledge, a very

calm miso

thanks for the perverted child

i barely know the roads

i am stirring u and i know

actual mayo breathes here

if u don't know the weather

at dawn i watch the pesticide mayo

or i call u into isolation and avoid

too many tomatoes whose heart

cannot hack the back roads

i am feeling broken, charming and gorgeous

thanks for making me feel it till i burst

ask the sky if its altitude is supple

her sun has been the daughter

i couldn't carry

it is necessary to rise with the sun

miso of restocking mayo

someone shows up as herself

and i don't know what to do

she who is herself, herself

i don't know what to do

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