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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Acrylic Mask


u say why are u accomodating skyscrapers
u go pediatric crowcore has u, he who can
point to u, the place understands u

protest within her because what interests him
is stupid litle hills and now he's handsome
kiss words so beautiful and then i live here

present the complaints in the insecticide
it pulverizes the crow, the crows are in
the office, u understand

keep spraying bug spray everywhere
it is the crow accomdating skyscrapers
stupid complaints are accomodating skyscrapers

it terminates u, the memory outcries inside it
i tell the office he cries and now he's gone
the skyscrapers are stupidly the memory

of the memory of the office, i live here
and then i live here, it is not your place
stupid little hills and the skyscrapers

the memory of the crow is an error
the allocation is not your office
i live here and the memory

of u pulverizes the crow
pediatric questions of the heart
the crowcore has u protest

within her because what interests him cries
it is a small hill, the crows are u
i live here to the core

the small movement of u protests within her
present the small hill, the restoration
your speech is beautiful

the skyscrapers u made him, it is not your place
the achievment is repairing skyscrapers
it is here, u are partial, the housing speaks

im to return here, outside the memory
of the memory, i live here
u say why

donna kuhn 2006

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