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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

made from someone else's lips


u will be this word and u will be paid on time
agony word baby, bloody computer milk
u kneel in the song, she realizes that
love is a word to pest u, it moved

the song's gonna do u
pay with your broom finger
track truck interruption
component baby
residents of god
u will be love up birds
when your eye is
extreme painful word

component baby, salsa millionaire
who want to brush bird milk
their faith in agony
eat the cooling system
who let the fortunate thing in

dogman, u are gonna be me
its your rain birds when u think for me
the disowned meat

its faith, you gotta have faith of
word hail, paid with your word hail
sit down in the page
911 dogs are ut
the table lingered
by the branch

baby residents, this worm is big
importanta person decree
its gonna be me or its gonna be this
word in againy, word hail to be love
who wants to be a person decree

maximum grain dog, hide these planes
dogman, i am doing wrong
do the thing, think for me
page a millioniare
who wants to have friends

you gotta have something
call 911, stop
you gotta have friends
you gotta have fiath

toxic bug, u do not call 911
you gotta have art and a bug
in the knees

component baby, u should go

donna kuhn 2006

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