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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ninjas (by Lena Kuhn)


popeye vs e coli
i am the emperor of michigan
i am not feelin' it
marks of ice cream brain camps
the air smells and i'm not feelin it

strange dogman
i am bored
popeye is bored
he is so confused

people are the emperor of the milky way
i worry for this feeling, the emperor of
the nail that cut me

poor dogman, he is, is he, is and hand signals
strange bad dogman, he is weak
im not going to blink, he is becoming tired

dogman fervor, false dogman
he is so confused
i wonder if i am not feelin' it
i'm not going to get tired

anything strange in the eye of michigan
dogman passion, dogman handsignals
u are the color of brain cmaps
i am bored, dogman passion
the emperor of ice cream camps

i worry for this feeling
u just stumble in doubt
i'm not going to blink
drunks just stumble by
are u bored?

i like the baking pan
vis-a-vis dogman
frosts of the air smell
and all the eye marks
of michigan

it thinks it's a state which does not
go with the eye in michigan
a state which does not wink
the drunks make those strange
distant diesel smokes

it does not wink the eye in a feeling place
dogman fervor; false dogman, he is and is
are and dogman are weak

i worry for this feeling
the condition of michigan
it thinks it's disowned

the eye of the eye
marks of the dogman
frosts of the offense

donna kuhn 2006


Anonymous said...
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Bob said...


Wanted to add your blog to the list of blogs I screen for possible consideration on The Countdown, an internet radio show formerly called The Goodnight Show at MiPoRadio. Let me know if that sounds appealing to you.

Plus Ultra said...

Very Interesting, lovely posts