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Sunday, October 08, 2006


take me; well, clouds have been in your darn presence
maybe your blocked arm, see the disowned meat

its your big ego

the tired luck knows your worker

lonesome up, falling boy

crow dog, you face death
evoke machete clouds
your eye is not full of holes

shes vixen meat as well as worms to the heart
the man dont want trouble, fun

saying express, too right
cloud mirrors

dont nowhere goes

emotion, the frozen dance, the entire that

im not a loan, the years have been full love up

birds find rain, keep clouds
clouds criteria with rain rain

ohio is dirty and gusty in the end

in the fall people sucked

meat, bone, water
white-throated dipper, night nothing

no-eyed branco-throated water
u say cluck, surprise
stuff puff
sped in bones vixen
brown chlorine falling through north

extra world stimulated chicken

ohio drools

rain thru me, chinas in the head, another coil

low dark encyclopedia off the body

animals meat his eye
jump the vixen would
speak and open
im her call clouds
lace and fowl

i have a face she bathes in

electrical of no speak, theyre the meat u open

im jumping in tears
good, vixen he had hoped

im the care encyclopedia
him in heavenly theatrics

supernatural sleuths in the valley of go eye in sliding cherry

i will your bird
water too much thigh in one stockings one
the front and back was my each nobody jump in the cluck

vixen career
cluck a woman would
they and the sight birds self

they slum the meat the morning
as old as yours

rain, i'm

donna kuhn 2006


didi said...

Donna -- are you able to record this poem for "the countdown" or would you like for me to ask julie or luc to read it?

let me know...we are in production for the next broadcast.

thank you,

Bob said...

hey, donna, how do you pronounce your name?