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Monday, November 17, 2008

Falling in the Dark

the land before me, somewhere lawyers are placed
before he speaks this way, these places are immoral

a diy exchange, struck or falling in the dark

lash out in your dreams
i wouldn't recommend it

he reveals too much, safe water, drummer flaw

ground my eye greatly

remember a name, you who have me

imagine my eye for 25 years

the langauge moves me

all faces across birds

your bird uncertainty

the teahouse is surprised: i just had the flame of your birds

my toes curl in my mind

i taste superstition
changing his glow
and flow

u would need a face transplant

swinging with a rage of u

are u a bird lover?

i am warned, i turned to birds

is your bird safe?

i've been diagnosed to be quiet

your shoes are small fragments of me
is it possible to sing fire? reverse

reversed lately

i wouldn't want a sword

silence is it's voice

i feel safe in the night

donna kuhn 2008

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