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Sunday, November 16, 2008

the color of stay

in the bird mystery, 3 clarinets laugh

split thru the bird of u

slam into deep insulting light if u like

pulverized bird knowledge
the bird cannot throw me
the bird is windows in me

well, my birds can't fly
even if my head wants
me to

multiple split screens thru birds

i'm scared, i never have enuf

bird vacancy
mornings of
the mornings
your secret bird

sounds like your shattered trees
streaming birds from your trees

deep in the screen
come now when
it is possible to me
your silver bird
makes not a bond

i want the form of u
the bird into
the color
of stay

a bird is the morning
probably probably

eat the climate, woman
send the bird a form
of unconscious bird
you yourself are silver
and the insults, the light
stays in the shadows

donna kuhn 2008

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