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Friday, November 28, 2008

Personal Tuna

it's 10:49 and the suffragettes are acting like themselves
i know u have a blizzard he uses in his heart
everyone makes me a sweet snack in

the thing, the personal tuna of it

shake the tree, my occasional user
i am sorry i am a warm body in winter

all the fatty earthworms

the that

loss is normal, he needs rehab

your hair conditioner, your hypothesis screams i will

u are thinking about interchangeable hair dye manufacturers

back and forth, froth or family
wouldn't u call the winter
possible to sing to birds

your bird, i found her

36 people understood that conversation

wolf pong ball

mrs. married the field, i wouldn't want u

mystery citizens, no apparent morning

diy life

tool snow to evoke wolves

find the snow, vibrate wolf aviation

interchangeable jello

the salesman is that for 25 years

i use the snow not to think

there i am whispering because i am a lot of 12 minutes that needs someone

walk and water my longitudinal staff
snow when the error of your nothing

i love your freedom because in this way she is all buried in a woman

i am flustered rubber, i permeate at night

dropped your molecules
traverse thru the not good
multiplied bird toys
is something confusing
u today?

dearly prelit xmas tree, here is your hair conditioner; recover

softly whisper its name to the east

only 4 requirements: too much communication

whisper directly to your mode

stop being 36

char draped your jello and destroyed your boughs

poor your own trauma

i fell nothing

shake the tree, water me

when i am a liar we will meet like that

the walls keep thinking of home, u think

so maybe your left ear is in hell
everyone will say the beauty

we pound your ludicrous columns

words worry this way

prelit regret

winter is for 12 minutes and i hate it, man

a woman votes for winter
everyone is coughing
everyone twitters the

i don't want your hardened traps

36 years old should be called a blizzard

i have waited all these years shaking for america

thanks for sharing, i know we are old

the winter depends upon winter

love is normal, man
dust, touching u

donna kuhn 2008

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