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Saturday, November 29, 2008

woman woman i am very well

castrate the circus, your light fixtures are in wisconsin

japan wakes up with the wind

no alarm clock was king of this world

the wall thinks it has the world in its hand

my complicated salad mouth is chanting
usually i am mouth mouth chanting my hometown
nowhere to run, nowhere going fast, nowhere a branch

i'm alone in bozeman, i'm out of town

we sound like my head on a japanese boy
confront your white clothes, the king
a woman

what woman is screaming freedom and makes u jump around a lot

when your decks are called montana

how would that bat be on a road trip

u live like a peanut in your money races

your guns dance and u say woman woman i am very well

no use knocking on my salad when there's no way back

she pounds on your circus knee
she has impossible windows
and u bleed like guns

no jungle at your police disco river

sleep in the red morning

japan wakes up like second hand smoke

your neighbors are elephants and they wake up to their elephant clocks

wake up to a wall u think traces u

no jungle town called i need fixtures to bleed

luminous elephant lyrics

let go of your so mad elephant

japan is first but this town has needs

the dow is not too bright

hulk hogan is not gonna chant and put up with that light
get used to the knocking, the target of really her
u go for no silent guns, a tree
and impossible windows

second hand tree and a lace knee

donna kuhn  2008

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