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Thursday, December 11, 2008

a box of density

move over
the morning sun is rolling
christ is the lord for u

your yes whitens her ribbon

her hair with clowns almost gone

the green sun is sarcastic

christ is smoking her narcotic labels
beneath her, her hair is u, she is
doing her current breathing

her face is not a real face in a blue film
she begs for your green words to walk
u are a glitch and u can't park here

morning almost displays your glitch thing
christ is a sunday dollar, hide your ribbon

i still wouldn't kiss u if u were drowsy today and yesterday
if your sheep were not real, not light so worry about parking
and go

seeing a combination of gone
if u see me, please contact
my face

christ who rains his like star on u
u are not a glitch, it troubles u

christ is sarcastic to the flinstones
they are at a daily event
like your lord quick links

christ is in u, beneath the words to walk u red

she estimates the not me, not me, not for the puppet

christ has my christian what u think

jesus puppet
jesus her current breathing
christ is the
christ woman
tries to capture sleeping

i wouldn't kiss his red village with your hats

the flinstones are displays in your glitch face
i leave my troubles in my backpack

christ is a u, she is
same a sunday dollar

i am smoking your teeth the crimpy way
when he captures her he dorms her
christ is her raincoat

the morning never runs away so move over
the morning is the lord in display mode

i can still feel that jesus looks lived in

christ is your glitch if the sun is sarcastic
your yes furnace is sleeping and smoking
her girl

she's seeing not me, her hair within your eyes

your hands are a yellow ASCII projector

christ is probably breathing
he could be your website
christ is not buried in me

your yes in a crowd of yellow, yellow to me

christ is in her teeth at the almond beach club

something that sounds like words

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