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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

father is lost in a dinosaur forest

these songs breakdown in our backyard
the hotel is anxious after dusk
i will cancel u and stumble
with my song my song
my song has been

how my song tests the end of u
duplicate your dinosaur sheets
enter my incomprehensible

his paws began to eat and wonder
your sand thing will go by, ho
my father is a bungalow

manhattan is praying with someone u love
manhattan is a forest to drive thru

father's lost in a dinosaur forest, help!

he sits in the power lines
he nerds the night baby troop

father cancels mother
mother always sleeps
love is blood that she
can't read

manhattan is praying with dinosaur sheets

weave yourself happy
manhattan, u are low

hand it over, don't love someone to sheets

my father is a bungalow
my mother a hotel

weave yourself happy
drive yourself sane

i can't take the driver's seat

drive thru the nerd with your dinosaur sheets

donna kuhn 2008

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