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Thursday, December 25, 2008

he doesn't feel my bible

u bother me, your words are seals
i'm not afraid, daddy knows antarctica
is standing, i want to bother u, i want
to bother your face

so what, fall over words
spotted owl gown

i dont fall over postcards u drink
i dont know, ask a dope team
the world is suburbs, u drink
february snow, hardly u

love the bible, gold moon, sore highway
the place was standing in the wind
i dont give a fuck about wonder
i fall over words

the dead bother me, your words

u dont want to be full of seals
savasana, baby me
bits of really dizzy
and from that

your postcard, u drink me

owls kayaking moon
excuse me, pull me in

the heart of another dead seal
im not a snowy plagiarism

be firm, it bothers me

bits of shoo fly, you're planks

it's totally not cute

train your condos, train me

get off my whatever u want
8 armies of open

youre nothing to me
my head dont talk it

8 seal giraffe moon, so what
february me, feburary is cruel
then, i'm dead, the words

8 armies behind me
i hope u choke on
a snowy day

the face of the sound of a dead seal

u are kayaking in antarctica

you're cute to destroy

and i say choke
u train me a train

the suburbs start crying

i almost bother his words

as soon as i say sore highway
dont shed for thee, i have broken
seals, go away, someone has
inspired your giraffe throat
u eat my heart in a bottle u dont
nothing really bothers me

u choke in azusa

youre full of nothing
in a suburb thing
with almost thoughts

words fall out
u burn and train
my condos
he doesnt feel
my bible

kiss your other antiques

your face almost falls over a rude way brother

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