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Friday, December 26, 2008

i dream the sun matters

she is the kind of rubber ducky raincoats in the lung salad breeze

grey moon, face me and swim, your sandalwood hat
the moon from your crippled heart talks and sings
in the bathtub, u think u head for it and kill it with
her pen

everyone's oaks had visions
everyones visions went to college

learn to want me and swim
everyone's oak is strange

cap n crunch tornadoes
the cinnamon glared

when u think u want me, swim in stewed prunes
superglue it and think ahead, your yogurt is crying
asuza, primestock, moron; high sodium

think ahead when u are thru the grey moon
cigarette breeze, captain crunch of the moon

afternoon debris, water me
i dont give a fuck about lung salad
the debris of her pen, make certain
the clock is u

my pen tornadoes, ghost it

u are ahead here

outside with your sandalwood hat
he is cool milk the rain already wants

u swim for your head

she is everyone's oak, all cut up

empty flower, the rain thinks u are kind
the rain thinks my head is down, i dont

when u are down in your ducky boots
open and flapped, gah, jump in
my rainboots panic

the sun exposed him


the pulse of u
u swim from her pen
an oak is strange
in the bathtub
u swim from her

stick it in your captain crunch


he is u; i dont give a fuck about u

u swim for u swim here were on time
the the, sandalwood me, the tree
cries, kill it
an ear

the cinnamon wanted itself

u think u want me, swim
u think it was installed
let yourself in, chocolate rain
when u are thru the snow
and crunch! lucky charms!

drink my rainboots and panic

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