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Friday, December 19, 2008

i can totally not flutter on u

this little miggy stayed home with her funnel cakes

go tax your raisins, go google the moon and funnel his eyes with cross-eyed spoons, funnel your rhino and swim thru the door, god's tv is your brain

don't miss me with horses, stars, girl meat, girl toast
the idea archive loves your milk, your audio shampoo
cross-eyed in the sorry sand, bird flu in your mosh pit

the elephant dates back to 1929 or 1946
bits of the ritz of this bird, this gargoyle
into a bird

give me deep content, chocolate piercings
how u juice glass corndogs in elephant water

stars swim into the forest
his bird swims deeply into
my gate

rank your face telephones

yahoo swum in your christian moon
quietly with your taxed red raisins
love comes here with your bones
and severity, your reference worms

youre nothing but chalk, raisin flu, corndog tusks
your horses cry, they are listening
i can totally not flutter on u

don't miss me with horses, stars; they are listening to u dress

no means provisional
o my god i can totally
not wait to see u

a funnel cake can go horribly wrong

the moon was a total fraud

she's mercy, she inhales your rollerblades

god has sewn his door to your eye
it means provisional gravel

go google the sorry sand
the moon is a television

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