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Saturday, December 20, 2008


the spirit of winter, don't confuse me

my heart is a macy's clerk

don't mess with my winter philosophy
hot free e-books and a much deeper u
o why
fool philosophy.osophy. boom.

some will melt your voice furniture

immune blues, cranberry blues, blues combustion

big trendy engine
blues are behavioral lotion
equipped quipment

tap your toes like furniture
hai karate hand grip
ghost grip, zip those lips
zip your voice furniture

no need to leave your heart in san francisco

email blues, recession blues, winter blues
burning the rubber blues, homeless blues
hottie body lotion

it takes your breath away

zip your heart
your pants too

my heart bleeds for u
a man after my own heart
your heart in your mouth
from the bottom of my heart
eat your heart out
does my heart good
a cold heart
change of heart
broken heart
absence makes the heart grow fonder
follow your heart
faint heart
go ahead, tear my heart out right out of my chest
be still my beating heart
chicken hearted
heart is a lonely hunter
heart s full
heart is on the ground
heart is i'm from nyc
heart is a muscle
heart is valentine's message to congress
heart is a unique pump
heart is sick
heart is yours

heart disease your heart is


Matt D. said...

boom is the sound of fate
one need take care
when one sounds it.

Thank you.

Donna Kuhn said...

thank you for your comment although i'm not sure what it means. maybe you should write a poem about it.