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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Dream

i dream in sun valley that the sun matters
i'll make the sun go, she is the tune
the birds i dream control reality
i dream i dream, all i want to do
i dream i pluck u out
i dream i dream cour de alene
i been so blue i stay with u
i dream i am ohio

i dream the sun is blue
i hide my dreams
i dream across birds
i dream i control time
i dream i pluck your time
i dream ohio is turning
into a sandwich

i dream of jeannie, money matters
i dream frankie and calvin
i dream of ralph fiennes
all i want do is dream
i dream of jesus
i have a dream
the bird's the word

cour d alene is the new sun valley
better than a dream

hell, did i dream that?
the sun matters, lie to the sun
it's only a matter of time
it'll make the sun go down
living out a dream
no sight of land, go
she is the kind, selfish
no matter, night-cooled earth
tune the birds

i dream i pluck u out of an urban scrapbook
i dream i control his first sony
i dream i drown in a virtual reality
i dream all the time
i've always been so blue born to lose
and now i'm losing you
i dream i stay with you
i dream i respond to you
i dream i find like some kinda huge latrine
i dream i loiter and it has always brought me pain
i dream i hide behind a trashy dream
i dream crosses are disturbed
i dream i turn upwards from dreams of
i dream i am blackened by homework
i dream about running away to ohio
and becoming a sandwich clerk

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