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Monday, December 29, 2008

women just like to purr

your speech is of grasshoppers, ultimate cloud

go scowl in your clouds

all women wear moaning dress shoes
women just like u, your garden coos

women have more than u
u just have frog knees
pacman stuggles like
u are the mountaintop

the mountaintop is in your cottage pants
wild postures, wedding grunts

your associates cluck, what he wrote winces

women just like to purr


women just like u

the mountaintop flirted
women are like shoes
the more u have
hot leather, after all
what he wrote just like u
go together like

u just like to be found
and flirted with on your

your scowl purrs, buffalo purrs
denver screams and whispers

women just like to be found
all women are loud
all women just like shoes
all women are just like clouds

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