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Monday, December 08, 2008

the silence u think we want

tobacco bird, the shoes u slept in made sense

when a teahouse, all birds with a long in the dark

u moved safely in word forests in the bird circus
because u never show up, not wash away

nothing, striking need superstition in bird

bird warning, early rock


move 0 branches, your half relatives are smoking
stream, it falls cross the bird a not
o autumn, theatre of hoop, east

what are u, i'm supposed to
do something outside
not visualize u

i'm a woman talks go down, my a map
sticky tape and artificial oddly

love away, never show but to myself, the night
the evening, in a rage? cough under its green
viola fractures

tobacco coughs, is autumn real?

pins in her scientists, thanks for the take
the pins the diagnosis, the human snow
certainly trying to get history felt

modest house i think up, only the clean
is stupid by this, the flame and i am
one of them between war

tv, now it turns, land, falls her
my toes and body how, this is
a pure east depend on me
extrapolate the landing

break me and do the excitement muster
behind acting strange, she in the bird
just lie there the west, for the language
of warning

surrounded by fears
the singing does not
represent u in the dark

o take the pins of the bird me
u are down, felt the landing
will u, california i see an ocean
leaving fear, heaven the emergency

the morning offers a viola arm
mini alps depend on me and i
am for west, surprised by west
for years your trees, it has this sky
slide down her dont love
i'll be in my two towns

slab of authoriity, every nice there
waiting, excited to space, u felt away
from the he bird warning

send me a version here
the silence u think we want
u will light, u slept in love
left your night, u moved

25 annual body, use myself
use me dreams go to the
you're not really

anemic looks u, move waves
i have been the night u told
i stole

zebra shit

if only it is only o.
o wings. there is time.

the whispers far off still
jpegs of clouds depend
on u

u think the sky clouds a woman format

bird cross the not think
before i write to autumn's teeth
leaving california's poison

new sentence pattern he rolls in
history he rolls in and they sung
reverse body, i roll down the emergency

into a cage, steal me

trees astonish me
back then back, stop
on a huge execute it

so u never show weather
piercing moon, supress
the singing, superficial left
with your it in the morning

diy beautiful with your quiet thing
i am world, it was nature

diagnosed because of it

donna kuhn 2008

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