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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

california is stupid by this

california, leaving behind the venom

please refer to spring

stop, u foolish california

u love do not love more
i'm not good at blue
the actual empty

jpeg ocean waves in the clouds

the place looks like heaven instead of fear but is surrounded by

anemia seen in the sky
scientists in the clouds
thanks for the territory

nothing, do not they simply say

stop, u most unwise california
one, love do not love u more
the clouds that seemed

please refer the ocean to waves
love goes, it gets the venom
clouds in your e-mails

just leave them, thanks

california is stupid by this
love it, don't u just

anemic looks the sky

please refer the ocean to its surrounding territory and nothing
just leave the fear of the sky when scientists are in need

i love heaven like that

california dreaming poison

then back then back then back

zebras are different things


Anonymous said...

Nice drawings.....I use to doodle like that and always thought of filling it in with color and see what stands out......Your chosen words are intereting and find myself dwelling on the choice of words and the meaning behind them. Maybe one day take google earth and draw within it like a magnifying glass on a point..

Donna Kuhn said...

i used the scribbler to do some of the drawings

and yes, they needed color

i'll look at google earth if it doesn't make me dizzy