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Monday, December 22, 2008

Stop Me

in the darkness your eye means provisional button
stroke your rubber blues, the homeless go away

zip your heart in love milk
cross-eyed in the ritz of me

rhino swim in your taxed red worms

the portal out of my you
go google the large is

go rain on the acne moon

pilaf acne moon
ride the world
like this raincoat

baboon breeze, bank lung

mess with your rhino in the sorry sand
a blind man crawls into your mosh pit

go google the lotion of
your equipped equipment
wife music in your skull

elephanting breakfast at the porn buffet

bad mind in the dark
no bad horn elephant
tusk bleeds for u

your taxed raisins, chocolate piercings
how u've sewn it horribly wrong

e-books and raisins, love comes here

google the moon centerless

caw on his no gravel
god is his or her raisins
with bellybutton flu

paint your rhino, paint your brain

don't 1929 me, send the christian moon

wash your mouth
no mouth
stop the world
her mouth
go a bird
mouth of birth

nothing but narrow funk

send me the mouth up in your meat, girl toast
go unless it's theoretical, you're small but a bit
sensitive, funnel her winter, don't confuse
1946 with bits of san francisco

glass corndogs bring a bellybutton:
a bellybutton sits with an innie and
with all there is, stop me

ride the moon in a mosh pit?
stars swim with your bones

u stayed home with the lake, no difference

god believes in no difference

god is an overactive bird,
swims deeply in your eyes

god has sewn stop to your motor

dont u dress like love songs in your voice furniture

a scar on the moon
disturbed cake can
go to film school

he films his oboe with your cow hands

your horse has the bird flu
sorrowful raisin flu
corndog tusk

angels crawl into red bellybutton ritz
god is cuter o my umbiblical funk

a bellybutton was a total mouth to a blind man

pilafs in the sorry sand

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