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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ocean held thing

determination in the dept. of thinking, take my horse morning from me
maybe he was glad to hear she was from the fish train
time, departure like the eskimos turning
everyone says what the worm says

we offer acute, finally weird separate rooms
a terminally animal scholarship
the beach will be ash-gray

ok, i must finish and find an adonis
i said yes, come up and please be
afraid of dropping the horse
the dept. of bathroom luncheons
with the help of a blackberry
the emotionally blocked ocean
is able to be so worldly now
he is faithful to his boat animal

when u are feeling a mile in that, then; find the sun
i knew he was an extreme child, if u walk out then
this can get him a rigid way of in, the thinking of it
hang your violent numerator, u are at that moment ok
communicate emotional fallout, you're blindsided by
a good train, ride their coattails walking, equine therapy

multihandicapped planet taken off the know
feel a meditative state or wait for your thinking tree

director of free to cut, can see some sense of mastery in it's supposed might

multihandicapped help for both, the thinking horse wants to say
i don't get the planet

u don't think except in tribes where the sea gets a feeling of atomic ash therapy
communicate into a trance worm, who has the fact

i said yes, go back, even remember, just finally my white trash
walk a mile in the morning after, this is those times
u avoid the emotionally blocked ocean held thing
so baby, these interventions u pull off, find an adonis
on thursday for the sea at the same time

a rapscallion got your bathroom horse, thinking horse core

yeah, he didnt' sense he was the sense

for the emotions; walk children, bandaids, fleas
you're a lifetime away, u avoid the letters
both identities, passionate dental work

the man has a gander horse
you're blocks of horse children
you're smoke, the planet
it's something

donna kuhn and amy trussell

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