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Sunday, January 04, 2009

u are almost things i can't tell u

my eyes are teeth, u are not wacky and parsed
diss the dolphin box, blather to seals

u are feeling sorry for some man's flinstructional apple fan
pick something for once, a pocket, her life bothers u
feel sorry for once, shapes of something because
you're unavoidable expanding crosshairs

i feel sorry for the moon; i don't swear on your something and sigh
i can't give u almost, u are almost things i can't tell u with my eyes

the heart is a somewhat; u tell the kitchen u dont give a fuck about dead seals
your shirt coughs november spandex eyes; i swear on my eyes, i swear on war
i swear at once

this does not apply to your annoyance
it is not suitable for your annoyed cores

don't cough on your planets
the koi sing, pick your user

pick something small like a whale
texturizer brain wacky in the warhouse

my life bothers u; pick something and sigh
a pocket she would plunder, your kitchen
doesn't give me eyes

i can't tell u the way to sing
we're in the suburbs and
everything is in the shape
of a chicken

u are almost a man; i am sorry about your thin box
a man will tell u my life sings in both shapes of something
i don't cough on u in your silk suburbs

nickels turning into dimes; if she could've slipped it into her pockets she would've
moses was a user, dolphin butter and static, train the koi to jump out the window
a dolphin sings hooked, a dolphin breeds by examining its teeth

i can't tell u the way to sing to me

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