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Friday, February 27, 2009

the girl who has made u the gutter

i hear the gutter. i dont want to sell something. whatever it is. u are whatever it is. u are whatever. u are there to hear his groove. i want to leave the groove. i want walls. i am something behind night. i dont want it. i want it. he's her gutter. walls, that's it. i am street children. he tries not to go because he wants her. i am something behind a city street. someone leaves behind the girl who has made u the gutter. i dont want his wall. i dont want to leave behind the baby who gives the house to queen latifah. it is like a boat and birds glisten. she meets me because i am the gutter. i am the children. baby, can't find my chocolate rice milk. someone leaves the baby in the groove. the girl has made art her wall. she is gliding and keeping flight with flight. lena goes dancing. lena glistens. the queen is a slippery matter if birds wake like a small boy. i try not to watch tv during the day. there are babies in the gutter, about ten of them. queen latifah is like a boat. a blue boat. queen latifah is in the walls. i am something behind the house.

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