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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

i don't want your lasagne furnace

i don't want your lasagna furnace; your secondhand underwear sandwich

give away or sell something, i'm gone in a bird, go to the gutter

go, leave your milk, you are the will and you are the walls

the wall art drinks art everyday; the walls are calm

sugar beth, calm the gutter; i am the girl and u are the rabbit here
i don't want your furnaces to roll with it, blue carries this junk

baby, go on a boat, the birds weigh 105 grams
queen latifah, u are not awake, i want helium

calzone chemicals, subway light, look at my almost
the queen finds my chocolate birds in the gutter
the groove is authorized

u are whatever to my lasagne furnace

the music, he weighed it in the kitchen

come on, she wakes like a waterproof flashlight
a dancing lena glistens, i am the street , the gutter
the factory, i toook my time dear dancing with

keep dancing with slippery matter

grandmother's hair is tired

my fuhrer is fiery in the walls
i am watching the gutter groove
i am a text block, rice milk
blue if he wants it, u are someone
who leaves behind a train of rabbit

dance with your food poisoning in your pajamas
he says the queen is slippery, i don't want milk

i hope blue is too cold
lena goes and the birds
say away

the house is in the oven, cool in the sand

secondhand baby toys, secondhand lunatic, aint she sweet

i am someone who leaves, queen a bird

everyone keeps the weather's macaroni smoke
dumpling purifier, tacos are something behind
the night

she is almost dust in the cheese heaters
she is sand in the bed, now i am her
she is the children; baby, go


Anonymous said...

keep dancing with slippery matter! you, trump queen in the furniture, the dreamwoven vamp of chili size, one riddem fits all!

dirk vekemans: said...

my heavens are silent they
strike me down with their freedom
these lands are belingered ur breath
is a fair approach of low your feet although are somewhat minor
the door keeps knocking i wish there was more help me ur beautiful i dont want to date u just mildly sedate you & g*d knows the idols adore

Donna Kuhn said...

thank you and thank you

in the meantime i'll go sedate myself, goid idea!