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Thursday, March 26, 2009

formaldehyde snakes

something toxic to dicks, snake seizures every morning
it's a kind of apple, behaviors of invasive mistakes
u became an artist to experiment on money

they drop irradiated snakes, i stay here
fred flinstone is a dick, a divorce
dicks are a tomato, its a good thing
trunk dicks are caterpillars under

filled with lighting

hmmmm just a little ether and the child who has larva
hmmm just a little ether filled with mistakes
the larva of hmmm, the trunk of the edge

i call people dicks but its a nuisance
i call people dicks but its a little tricky
way before i called people dicks its
a kind of seizure, i was frankly better
he was better frankly

snake seizures, a hole called prove every
tomato is plastic, its a good thing u became
an apple

come take my place when they drop
irradiated snakes from the sky!

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