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Friday, March 27, 2009

i am considering moving my mind

u sound like a warning

pooey tube

i mentioned a hen, laptop poisoning

what became an island, it has no reason

reagan won a tray or something

i'm not an inappropriate thing, forget me

your lace came out of the bustling metropolis if u had any

she's a rocking machine, i don't blame his personality

meanwhile, u have a strange
button down sweater and
i'm not going to take it off

i didnt want a yellow bird

don't tell me your arms have been to alameda
alameda became subconscious for some
tubes and tunnels

i already keep u anonymous
i let her hand inside that video

monetary worth, dip your joints, feel great

get a mattress, an unwanted kitchen, i was an island
friends describe me as a tile, a death march, scream
and jump for the sake of humor

i am considering moving my mind

kill any river, the aforementioned river

a river was an inappropriate thing
has no reason, where the rain stops
clouds form

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