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Saturday, March 07, 2009

he doesn't want granola in my traffic

who wants to know about my grapefruits

smoke tightens, this has been done before
can eat the seeds in me, blankets on my fate
excellent, ink all over and be sweet

california is stealing

women dont want to be the little wife
he is him and my school is don't
lady is the bed, in love with the code
for and say goodbye

i want to slit its list up

her dirty traffic, hello, excellent trouble
he has his mother, found him and care
go get large wife, i is slit, its slit is getting
cold, sugar; i get a need to skirt my babies
only eat one, little wife is thunderstorm
your plants for the wrong place
my cold hello, excellent little slit
his will i get i can't find the traffic
skirt her dirty swimming pool
your little ears o and shut up her
the side of worse than death
dirty, messy, we were responsible bird

hello, i am, my large wife slit slit slit your onions hands
toast lady is sugar, enough for her little one

my boulder, i can't month
your little wife thanksgiving dinner
is dirty traffic

california is exercise, california is bitter

u are enough already
wind is in trouble for
the sheets

melon my little partition

i get in get up and cold; hello, excellent

i can't find a lady who likes the traffic

rub my not a little morning

hell, the hell; he's looking up
my back don't like the he is hell
i scream in beautiful made women
are clean things for he disappeared
it was loose that

u are the whatever; he doesn't want granola in his traffic

my large wife, we're in an it here
o look sometime he's still cute

shut up and dildo your bottled thunderstorm
garlic bathtub is flowering, fix something
i'm with the code egg,we have lost
say goodbye or man in charge
get food for skirt

his little ears timing of things
hellbent, excellent little wife

women are bent over smiling
he's the rump that looks down
california's not scared

i can't like looking up your something

he does not want to shut my slit

plants relax in the potato soup

hello excellent bent over enough
for a god king is slit, i say hello
california swims in your bed
wanders off in your girlfriend's dildo
i own her, he's dirty like


matt at shadow of iris said...

"plants relax in the potato soup"

Yes, they're known to do that. These plants have no idea what they are in for, do they!

Donna Kuhn said...

i wish i could relax in some potato soup