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Friday, April 03, 2009

i hear your face

superhero is a crowded orange
i cant smoke the scuba dinosaur

asia is exaggerating, she is profuse

finally mercy moves your improvisational apnea

give me a list of it

give me a cat, a big cat, big cat is profuse

the reason we were finally uncooked

thank u, i get the gist of it

i'm down

i'm down

asia is it

the heater argues

i hear youre uncooked

move to feel, his moth is mean
improvisational apnea is a
pharmacy in asia, it's mean
and orange

there is a reason we finally went to see my creek

i hear your soft pills because of it

a superhero is just a big yuppie frazzle

the reason we finally went to open it

u gave me california and i got fears too

i dont hate our pharmacy
i'm your pharmacy
mercy moves the
gist of it

a toy dinosaur at the late animal network tumbles down

i hear your face

girls in your clouded cities hold me

thank u, i have a list of creeks and a stuffed orange

thank u, i got fears too

take my something arms going thru your arms
mercy moves the gist of creeks

they reclassify u if youre uncooked

asia is crowded, i'm your arms
going thru your arms going
thru your face

a superhero is mean and

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