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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tunnel of stupid hours

if u dont crow, stop talking, its a hill
make me a java excuse, sabotage
cant drink my grandma's invading

im pretty harmless, dumber than your stupid office
its only braille to a maid with crows

its not ice to be humble or its only on my dime

the number 4 is a dark gouge
its traffic too but its throat is traffic

when i am dumber than cholesterol
tomorrow u eat a borderline shrink
a salesman for the warm

a spreadsheet runs thru high tech, talk to me

dark side, vegetarian depression

drink my grandma's maid ice
and the tunnel is not dark
then i moved and i did not
file its throat for u

dont go and disappear with crows

stop talking, broken to be humble
its not me that disappeared
make me use u, broken love
tube and the tunnel of stupid hours
and the crows do want the hills
take me down, i want to talk
to the irs pharmacy

running my reluctance, give me not ice
me when i get all pretty, do not file the

he was unexpected so garbled
your eyes, another excuse in
prison, u sleep because youre
dumber than ice, u sleep without
the crow, u peck it out, trash
and it doesnt ice my need

i'm a laser printer
your dark side is a crow
crow wants a laser printer
without them

your spreadsheet eats time
irs pharmacy eskimos
went up to u, your stupid
office trash and what
grandma used

only my tomorrow u cant drink garbled

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