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Sunday, April 12, 2009

i was born blind in the kangaroo cemetery

so much a scuttle, a star is named celebratory celery cellphone
censorship girl helpless and desperate, born blind eventually
a blind eye salts the couch

cop cop cop

your jeans are, you're a war detective
your walrus was born on the couch
blue-haired husband flying a small

convenient moon pelvis
a life in french fries
blind teeth are icy
beets blankets
blood bloom
lucinda makes
contact with
the west

and our blind teacher hears ravens cackling from trees
dancing bear, giraffe, elephant, cemetery

my teeth can only hope u at least plucked the valley

i was born to cue your message host
baptism certificate at the kangaroo cemetery

red rover of your blind door or your stupid sea

ephedra horses are aliens, not to be continued
in england in 1833, your house of blue-haired stars

he was always born as 3760 soldiers
we must not turn a man into murphys
law, people

u never are to turn over the only christian
and rustle in order to awaken
very on research stars

your diaper baby hut up the accordion

even phonebills are blah

your icy wife is blacklisted in the black sea
the post office is old and she runs with obedience
all must starve, must be blind every morning with
the reverent sun

my head was the side of a kangaroo, o not your flesh
your rented husband salts suburban areas
parks are hands across a paper day
with riddles and the breath of europe

dead escalators

my trip to change your diaper and later have
found a garage with a cartoon research bullet

kangaroo court judges up somebodys breathing
a lawn is a land mine, blue-haired neck lotion
the southwest glares

american rhinoceros, baboon, book lotion
somebody says the world a resting place of

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