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Monday, April 13, 2009

written on baby paper

the telephone spits, he loved his hat

ratty u speak like u are shucked

popeye is bored with his creamed lake

my telephone bagpipe mocha is lush

a man in a shoebox grabbed a bunch of that

kids over the frozen foam of went

dental quail brains cant stumble

the lord is bored
popeye is bored

nobody telephones michigan

a honda civic in the active rain
bored popeye vs. its nobodys

wyoming, i dig your wheelchair camps

a scholarship was walking his dog around
i had written on baby paper

fishmonger slabs dropped where he loved his website

adam on a floaty thing
my heart was a team
do not try to to be rational
or bosom a placid catherine
who died in there dressed
and dignified, im a tatty too

a bagpipe filled with telephone spits horses in pakistan

love is love, kids; molar kids vs. wyoming

human taste cant sew these hills

this is slightly blue and the distant diesel hills are back

going round not feelin' it
u are so

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